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Alcohol Compliance Checks

This past October, the Holly Area Community Coalition, in partnership with the Village of Holly Police Department and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department , conducted alcohol compliance checks in the Village of Holly and surrounding areas that encompass the Holly Area School District. Compliance checks are done annually to ensure that retailers are not selling alcohol to minors. Checks are conducted by the police departments, who escort young adults to local alcohol retailers where they attempt to purchase alcohol. After the compliance checks are completed, the Holly Area Community Coalition sends letters to each establishment either congratulating them if they were compliant or requesting them to be more diligent if they were not. The Coalition also distributes Alcohol Education Packets to each alcohol retailer advising them on the laws and penalties regarding selling alcohol to minors. One of the greatest indicators of youth alcohol use is availability; if students believe that alcohol is easy to get, then they are more likely to engage in drinking. We congratulate all Holly Area retailers who were compliant and did not sell alcohol to minors for helping to prevent underage drinking.

The following stores were checked by the Oakland County Sheriff’€™s Department and the Village of Holly:

All but two stores, Grove Party Shoppe and Mobil in Holly, were compliant and did not sell alcohol to a minor.

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