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10 Things You Can Learn About Marijuana

January 26€“–30 was National Drug Facts Week, which is sponsored by NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Following are ten interesting facts about Marijuana from NIDA that will help you start a conversation with your child:

  1. Marijuana use interferes with attention, motivation, memory and learning. When used regularly, it can lower grades and your IQ.
  2. Exposure to secondhand marijuana smoke rarely results in a contact high.
  3. Serving sizes for marijuana edibles are confusing – it’s easy to eat much more than a person means to, with bad side effects.
  4. Marijuana doesn’t make you more creative – it just makes you think you are.
  5. Marijuana can make dogs ill, causing serious medical issues such as injury, dehydration, anxiety, lethargy, impaired balance, vomiting, or diarrhea. A few have even died from eating it.
  6. Drugged driving is dangerous, illegal and happening more and more. Marijuana contributed to 12 percent of traffic deaths in 2010. That is three times more than in 1999, when it was four percent.
  7. Over three-quarters of the students surveyed in the Monitoring the Future study said they disapproved of people using marijuana regularly.
  8. Spice, also known as K2, is not fake marijuana. In fact, some effects of Spice are much more intense than those of marijuana and have been linked to deaths.
  9. A small number of medications that contain THC are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. They are used for treating nausea and appetite problems caused by cancer chemotherapy and AIDs. Marijuana’s other chemical ( cannabidiol or DBD ) may also have medical uses, including treatment for seizures.
  10. Ancient healers used cannabis in religious ceremonies — not as a party drug.

It is important that teens learn the facts about marijuana and other drugs from someone they trust. Have the conversation. Some children begin experimenting with substances as early as 10-years-old. It is important to start the conversation early and continue throughout the teen years. Talking with your child about drug use can be uncomfortable, but it is not impossible. Read More Here

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