Student enrichment programs
The Holly Area Community Coalition supports students in the Holly area through many different enrichment programs that are based on developing the student’s 40 developmental assets and building positive character traits. These programs help support our vision of having a community of youth who have been empowered to make positive life choices and, at the same time, give them tools to be successful at school, home and any aspect of their life and stay away from negative choices like drugs, alcohol or bullying.

Youth Action Board

The Youth Action Board is an after-school club at Holly High School.


Students Taking A New Direction (STAND) is a group for middle school students ages 11 to 14 years old.

Safe Smart and Successful Summer Camp

SS Summer Camp is a free week-long transition day camp that we hold in August before fifth grade students move into sixth grade.

Safe Smart and Successful Lunch Series

A series of videos shown during lunches at Holly Middle School for students who would like to come eat their lunch and watch a video.

Choices Program

A character building class for 4th to 8th grade students aimed at building positive lifestyle habits.

Asset Mentor Program

An opportunity for Holly High School’s Youth Action Board to help teach fifth grade students about building assets in their life.

Above The Influence ( 8th Grade )

A two day class where 8th grade students learn the importance of avoiding negative influences in their lives and choosing to Stay Above them.