Above The Influence ( 8th Grade )

A two day class where 8th grade students learn the importance of avoiding negative influences in their lives and choosing to Stay Above them.

The Coalition goes into each 8th grade Leader In Me class during the spring to show them what it means to be above the influence.  The Class consists of videos and discussion around being Above the Influence and a project that consists of them drawing what negative influence they will be above the influence of.

Students then take a picture in a statue scene to post on Instagram or other social media site to show what they will be above. We also take the student’s picture and create a mural in the school of all the Above the Influence signs. Our goal is for students to gain positive peer to peer influence, increase in confidence, and encourage positive identity and healthy decision making skills before they transition into high school to address some of the added negative pressures that can lead to substance abuse and other negative behaviors.