Alcohol is the number one abused substance among youth, in large part, because of society’s acceptance of youth use and misuse in general.  Because of this, we say alcohol is Not A MINOR problem. When adults are responsible with alcohol and have clear guidelines for their youth about not using alcohol there is a far less chance youth will be involved with alcohol. Below are some resources to find out the dangers of youth use and some tips on how to talk with your youth about underage drinking.

Talk They Hear You - Parenting Resource on talking with your children about substance abuse


The Alliance of Coalition's Not A Minor Problem Toolkit with risk and signs of youth use as well as tips on how to talk with youth about underage drinking. 


National Institute on Drug Abuse- Information on Alcohol abuse: Signs and symptoms as well as effects of alcohol abuse.


Oakland County-Dangers of binge drinking: Information from Oakland County Health Division on the dangers of binge drinking.


Partnership for DrugFree Kids-How to handle underage drinking: Know the risks ands what you can do to stop underage drinking.