Student Resources

Here you can get the FACTS about the dangers of youth drug and alcohol use, what you can do to live healthy and STAY ABOVE THE INFLUENCE of negative influences in your life!


Stay Above the Influence: What does it mean to Stay Above the Influence? Find out here and take the survey of how you are doing when it comes to staying above the influence: 


Why do harmful things like drugs or alcohol to try to inspire you when you can find a natural high from your passions and talent?  Click here to find out more:


Why risk the healthy events and activities in your life with something like drugs or alcohol? Click here to find out more:


The Real Cost!: Lots of great information on the dangers of vaping



Ok2say: OK2SAY is the student safety program which allows students to confidentially report tips on potential harm or criminal activities directed at school students, school employees, and schools.  Holly Schools are an Ok2say supported school. Download the app or use the hotline




National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence: What is the real story when it comes to teens and drug and alcohol use? Find out here:



Kid's Health: Some great tips about living an all-around healthy life!