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Safe Homes Directory

The Safe Homes Directory offers parents the opportunity to check and see if the home their child wants to visit has participated in the Safe Home Pledge.

Safe Home Pledge

I will not allow parties or gatherings in my home when I am not there.

I will not allow youth under the legal age to use tobacco products, nor will I serve or allow minors to consume alcohol in my home or on my property.

I will not allow the use of drugs in my home.


Make the Pledge

By adding your name to this pledge your name will be included in the Safe Homes Directory on the HACC website

Entries for Make the Pledge

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Parent's Name
Stephen Ghostley
Melissa Morgan
Nick and Jennie Klempp
Mike and Rebecca Robarge
Shane Murton
Ric and Lisa Ruffini
Laurie Lyn Brief
Laura Bednarczyk
Mary Ann Vergith
Aaron & Marcia Brill
susan rogers
Michelle Rich
lori kreger
Jacob Wilson
Paula Sobczak
Kathleen & Scott Martin
Irina Heilig
Irina Heilig
brenda thompson
Linda & Dave Spaine
matt hild
Suzanne Zimmerman
Laurie Glow
Andrew & Melinda Leubeck
Anna Carr
Eric & Cindy Staffne
Aimee & Dallas Lesperance
Laura Dingee
Dedra Morrison
Melissa Landwerten
Lorey Steele
Tonya Zerwick
Amber Layman
Stephanie Henry
Barbara Ambrose
Catherine Given
Val & Ashley Davis
Shawna Fox Sackett
Robert Breen
Christina Alvarado
Christana Alvarado
Scott & Becky Clark
Jeremy & Lisa Taylor
Devin Teague
Cheryl Matheny
Joann Fitzroy
Matt Hild
David & Toni Graham
Patrick & Kathleen Foss
Sally Hoffman
Deanna Woodruff
Deborah Martinez
Paula & Walter Cummings
Joy E. Grunwald
Kathleen Rodgers
Zachary Vierik
Mandy Ryals
Terri Scott
Lance & Jennifer Parker
Jessica Lobenstein & Eduardo Frias
Pete & Melissa Deahl
Holly Jablonski
Toni Graham
Steve & Julie Lauinger
Tonya Hooper
Kara Morgan
Heather Cichon
Parent's Name
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